Friday, February 20, 2015

High Tek Big Cat

I feel like I have been moving in slow motion this month on cards.  I have had four snow days now this week and am finally using one today to catch up on things that I want to do, like baseball cards.  I have scanned about a dozen cards this morning, uploaded some pictures, sorted out a few stacks of cards, and even put a few things into boxes.  My wife is happy about that last one.  After I was finished I had my choice of cards to write about and decided to go with this cool Andres Galarraga card.  

The Topps High Tek set was right up my alley and I have done so little with picking up much from this 90s inspired product.  When I first started this blog, it's almost been three years now, one of my first projects I undertook was to complete a Topps Tek set.  It was not too difficult to accomplish outside of one pain in rear Jason Kendall card....

Topps released other version of the Topps Tek set, but none of them held a candle to the original 1998 version which featured 90 cards with 90 variations of each card.  Seems ridiculous, but I love them.  The latest version of the Tek product is really similar to the 1998 set in appearance and features loads of cool on card autographs.  I have picked up several autographs from the set already including a Jason Heyward and Oscar Taveras, but I am also want to work a little bit on some of the cool 90s names in the set too.  The Big Cat definitely fits that category.....


  1. I'm really digging this years Tek.I've been watching a few of those autos on ebay.The Big Cat Is a stud!

    1. This is my third. Still on the lookout for a Stroman and an El Duque.