Monday, February 2, 2015

Cause There Aren't Any Boog Powell Cards....

A few weeks ago I was having a fun Saturday out with the little guy and the wife when I took a minute to glance down at my phone and see the following tweet:

It kind of hurt to see another former Durham Bulls player traded away from the Rays, but this one was not a really huge shocker.  A Zobrist trade had been rumored almost all off season, and after trading away half of the other players on last year's team, I felt like this day was almost inevitable.  Still not sure what I am going to do with my Zobrist cards, but in the meantime trades always give me a few new players to add to my collection.

The Rays got three players in the trade from the A's: Daniel Robertson, John Jaso, and Boog Powell.

I already have a pretty good handle on Jaso cards.  He originally came up with the Rays and spent time in Durham where he was a pretty popular member of the team.  Jason does not have a ton of cards, but I have a good chunk of different cool Jaso cards in my collection.

The other two players were a little bit harder to find.  Okay, there are almost no Boog Powell cards.  Not the guy who played for the Orioles and owns a barbecue stand......

Nope, we are talking about Herschel Mack Powell who was selected by the A's in the 20th round of the 2012 draft and spent last year playing with Stockton and Beloit in A Ball.  Basically his cards are limited to a bunch of Minor League All-Star cards.  Not going to chase those down quite yet.  Since there are no Boog Powell cards, that leaves us with Daniel Robertson.

Luckily there is this card.....

I had seen a few copies of the card floating around on Ebay and also a copy in a trade room, but never quite got around to pulling the trigger on any of the cards.  This past weekend I attended, for a few minutes, a card show in Raleigh and managed to find a copy of the card at one of the first booths I visited.  While I failed to find any new Ray Lankford cards, this Robertson autograph was winner for me.  Last year in A ball the shortstop posted a .310/.402/.471 mark while collecting 55 extra base hits.  I would imagine that the Rays will start him out in Double A Montgomery, but I think I will see him in Durham sooner than later.

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