Thursday, May 30, 2013

Best of the Rest for May

I started doing these posts last month when I picked out the best five cards that I picked up in trades or purchased that did not appear in a blog post.  The cards pictured here might have been throw-ins with other cards or they might have been something that was picked up quickly and cheaply.  So, let's do a quick run down:

1999 Upper Deck PowerDeck Tony Gwynn

The PowerDeck cards were pretty unique.  You do not see a lot of CD Rom cards floating around, but the concept was short lived.  I think I had a bunch of these back in the day, but I either traded them off or sold them.  This card was a whole $0.99.  I am not going to stick it in my computer for fear that the software of yesteryear would somehow mess up my computer.  

2013 Bowman Hometown Flags Trevor Rosenthal

Little more straightforward on this card.  This is the second year in a row that Bowman has added a flag variation to their base set.  I believe that 1997 was the first year that Bowman put the flags on cards.  Over the years they have used maps and goofy palm tree pictures to show where players reside.  I like this Rosenthal card since he is a Cardinal and a native of Missouri.  Might need to find a North Carolina card.  Seth Maness?  

2001 Topps Traded Royce Clayton

From a current Cardinal to a former Cardinal.  Royce Clayton was the Cardinals shortstop for two and a half seasons before he was traded to the Rangers.  He was originally acquired by the Cardinals from the Giants and would be giving the starting shortstop job in 1996 over one Osborne Earl Smith.  Clayton would eventually become sort of a journeyman shortstop and later star in the movie Moneyball as Miguel Tejada.  Really.  

2013 Topps Museum Jarrod Parker Dual Jersey Autograph

I have put up several Museum Collection cards over the past few weeks, but did not post this card.  Jarrod Parker is not the best baseball player, but this card is exactly why I cannot stand sticker autographs.  I have 90% of a Jarrod Parker autograph, but someone else apparently has the other 10% of the signature.  Bum deal.  

2008 Donruss Elite Collegiate Patches Mark Melancon Autograph

Decent player having a great season for the Pirates.  I have picked up a bunch of these Donruss patches over the years and always think it's cool to see a few of the Major League players in their college uniforms.  


  1. I've got the equivalent JP Arencibia patch to the Melancon, would love to get my hands on the Max Scherzer with the ever-so-awesome MIzzou Tigers patch.

    1. I really like these cards and have most of the ACC players from the set. I wouldn't mind just trying to put together the whole set. I have the Posey and the Swagerty which I think are the two toughest cards.

  2. Wow... I remember busting those Powerdeck packs... both baseball and football. Good times. Gotta track down a Gwynn for my PC. The Clayton always stirs up memories. I remember him signing at a high school card show in my area when he was with the Giants during the early 90's. Finally... I'd love to say cool Parker auto, but I gotta agree... sticker autos w/partial signatures sort of stink. Surprised Topps would use them in such a high end product.