Wednesday, May 8, 2013

2012 Panini Limited Greats Reggie Sanders Autograph

I picked up another cool Cardinals card from a Panini product last week.  While I do not really like the fact that the Panini cards are unlicensed products that do not feature MLB uniforms or logos, they actually have a pretty diverse group of players (former and current) sign for their various products.  While I enjoy, the Topps autographs, they really do not have a very diverse group of players signing for their products.  For example, Topps has had the same group of five or six Cardinals players signing for their products for the past two years.  During the past few weeks I have started looking into a few of the Panini products and this Reggie Sanders autograph represents my second card signed by a player with Cardinals connections.

2012 Panini Limited Greats Reggie Sanders Autograph

Sanders was the left fielder for the Cardinals during the 2004 and 2005 seasons.  Both teams made the playoffs, with the 2004 team reaching the World Series against the Red Sox and the 2005 team reaching the NLCS against the Astros.  Sanders was a nice complementary player on those teams.  He did a little bit of everything.  It was actually part of a run over a decade where Reggie Sanders made a whole lot of appearances in the playoffs and World Series.  In fact, between his first playoff appearance in 1995 with the Reds, and his last in 2005 with the Cardinals, Sanders appeared in more than 60 playoff games and took over 200 at-bats.  Curiously, Sanders hit under .200 during all of those at-bats.  Still a cool card to own and a solid addition to the collection.  I have an in person autograph of Reggie Sanders, but it looks much different than this autograph.  This signature looks a little bit like an attempt at a Jacque Jones or Drew Storen, but messier.

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