Wednesday, May 15, 2013

2007 UD Premier Ozzie Smith Premier Patches

I spent a little working on my second copy of a 2007 UD Premier Ozzie Smith Patch card.  Last April I picked up a copy of this card in a trade.  At the time I was really excited and considered the card one of my cooler Ozzie cards.  My newest version of this card is equally as sweet as the first.  Well, close.

Just like my first copy, this card is serial numbered out of 78 and features three pieces of patch from a game used Ozzie Smith jersey.  While my first copy has some sweet Cardinals patches, this card has three pieces of Padres jersey.  The first two patch pieces are clearly from the Padres road uniforms from the early eighties.  The background, or polyester, is brown with yellow patches outlined in orange.  The bottom piece is a little hard to tell, but there is a tiny piece of orange on the left hand side of the L.  The seller could not decided if the third piece was a Padres patch, or possibly a piece from the bat on the front of the Cardinals uniform.

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