Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Three New Bowman Sterling Autographs

I am still trying to catch up a little bit from December, but I picked these three cards up a few weeks ago and haven't had a chance to post anything about them yet.  I have been a little reluctant to add Bowman Sterling autographs before in the past since they are a high end product that I won't open myself and they tend to be sticker autographs.  The players in the Bowman Sterling set often have cards in the Topps Chrome set, Bowman Chrome set, or Bowman base set that are nicer in appearance and are on card autographs.

For example, a few years ago I had the opportunity to see Orioles outfielder Nolan Reimold play a few games against the Durham Bulls and was really impressed by him.  I came home and found a few Reimold autographs include a Bowman Sterling.

2009 Bowman Sterling Nolan Reimold

While this is a very nice card, and it was very inexpensive, I can't imagine that the person who pulled it out of the Bowman Sterling pack, $50 range, would be very happy.  I paid less than $5 for this card including shipping.  However, I don't like to settle for sticker autographs, so I also tracked down this Bowman Heritage.  The autograph is on card and I paid the same exact price for it as the Bowman Sterling.  

2007 Bowman Heritage Nolan Reimold

Over the last few years, little has changed with the Bowman Sterling product.  It continues to be a high end product that features sticker autographs and a steep sticker price.  I gave the product little thought as it was released a few weeks ago, but I did take a few minutes one day to check out a Chris Archer autograph.  I found several copies of the card on Ebay and COMC, but also saw that the card featured sticker autograph.  The card design was cool, but I figured I could get a copy of the Archer as a throw in as part of a trade.

A week later, I ran into a copy of the Marcus Stroman autograph and was really impressed by the card. The blue background was nice and simple compared to whatever is behind Nolan Reimold above and best of all, the autograph was on card.  Copies of the card were inexpensive on Ebay, but I also found a few available for trade.  I went the trade route and landed a copy of Stroman, who pitched at Duke, and a few other cards from the Bowman Sterling to go along with it.  (Smudges on the card protector)

2012 Bowman Sterling Marcus Stroman Autograph

I was happy to get the Stroman since I collect his cards, but I was a little bit more excited about landing a Nick Castellanos autograph too.  Castellanos is a Tiger's minor leaguer who hit over .400 last year in the Florida State League and also won the MVP award at the Futures Game in Kansas City last summer.  I've been trying to pick up a few more Tigers cards over the past year, so this card was a very welcome addition.  I am hoping he gets up to Toledo this summer, so I can see him play in Durham.  If not, I am sure it will happen soon enough.  

2012 Bowman Sterling Nick Castellanos Autograph 

My third, and final card, for the evening is another Bowman Sterling card.  I saw James Ramsey play twice for Florida State the past few years, once at an NC State game and another time at the ACC baseball tournament in Durham.  Ramsey was one of the better players on the FSU team, but I am not quite sold on him as a Major League Player.  He's a good player, but I am not sure he does anything really well.  A lot of people said the same thing about Jon Jay, from U. of Miami, and he has turned out pretty well, so I will hold on to the card and see how things turn out.  

2012 Bowman Sterling James Ramsey Autograph 



  2. Nice Reimolds. I haven't picked up the Bowman Heritage yet but I do have the Bowman Sterling.

  3. There has been a black version floating around Ebay for awhile, but it's way high.