Wednesday, December 5, 2012

2012 Topps Five Star Prince Fielder Autograph

I have really enjoyed the Five Star cards and spent plenty of time scoping out a few to add to my collection.  Last week I started to add a few through a few trades and a case break I joined.  I will putting up a few of my good ones over the next few days.  I figured that this card would be a great start for my Five Star cards on my blog space.

2012 Topps Five Star Prince Fielder Autograph/Jersey

I have long respected Prince Fielder as a player and was excited that he signed with the Tigers last off season.  One of my goals this year was to add a Prince Fielder autograph in a Tigers uni.  There were several possibilities during the summer, but procrastination and failure to find one via trades has left me at this point with this card.  

The card is on a very thick stock and the autograph is on-card.  The jersey piece is on the small side for a premium product, but overall, this card is a great product.  I would definitely recommend checking out the Five Star products and picking up a few for your collection.  A few more to come this weekend....


  1. Man, that is one awesome card. Looks a bit out of my league as far as $$ is concerned but I can certainly enjoy and appreciate when others land a card of this caliber.

  2. A fine Fielder there. I'm feeling cardboard envy.