Monday, November 26, 2012

2000 Upper Deck Hologrfx Brian Jordan Base Card

I have had some good luck this month with tracking down a few cards that have long been on my want list.  This is at least the third or fourth card that has been on my every shifting list for more than a year.  It's true that you can actually find this card on Ebay or COMC, but I am not going to pay a fortune for a game used base card.  I want the card, but I have a value I am willing to pay in trade or cash.  

2000 Upper Deck Hologrfx Brian Jordan Base Card

The Hologrfx set wasn't anything special and boxes and packs can be found really cheap along with all the base cards in the set and all of the inserts.  The one really cool thing about the set however was the addition of game used base cards featuring pieces of the actual bases used in the 1999 World Series between the Braves and Yankees.  Brian Jordan was the right fielder for the Braves that season after spending the first several years of his career as a Cardinal.  

There are a total of 11 cards in the set, 6 Yankees and 5 Braves, which also come in autographed form too.  The Braves are short one card because John Rocker was cut out of the set by Upper Deck for being John Rocker.  The Brian Jordan autograph is limited to just 33 copies and I have been unable to secure one for my collection yet.  

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