Thursday, November 8, 2012

2000 Fleer Impact Ray Lankford Proof Slide

I spend time each week reading a few other blogs around the internet and am always amazed at collectors who are able to constantly find new cards of their favorite player to add to their collection.  I have a few different players I collect, but I would have to say that my Ray Lankford collection is the funnest one for me to maintain.  While not incredibly valuable it is always fun to track down a new card.  

After more than a decade of looking your options start to become limited at times.  Since Ray Lankford had very few cards issued after 2002 he has few plates and 1/1 cards.  There are some cool short prints and low numbered cards out on the market, but the vast majority were added to my collection long ago.  A lot of the cards I do pick up now are duplicates of favorites, or unique pieces.  My card today would definitely fit into the unique category.  

2000 Fleer Impact Ray Lankford 

The card above is a copy of the 2000 Fleer Impact Ray Lankford card.  This card is extremely common and can probably be priced between a dime and a quarter.  Tonight, however, I am really excited about this card again.  Last week I found a copy of a photo slide that Fleer used in the production of this card for sale on Ebay.

2000 Fleer Impact Ray Lankford Photo Slide

The photo slide would definitely be a unique piece for my collection and cost me less than $2.  The photo slides are not uncommon to find in secondary market especially from the Fleer card sets and Pacific card sets.  Both companies are no longer around and liquidated their holdings before shuttering their business.  There are also a few Topps slides floating around and they pop up sometimes in the Topps Vault.

The slide that I picked up is actually used on the back of the card as the head shot on the side of the card.  While it would have been cooler to own the photo slide of the action shot on the front of the card I cannot complain too much.  This is a great addition to my collection and will certainly keep my eyes open for my old photo slides.  

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