Monday, July 2, 2012

Two Gold Labels and Two Autographs

This past Friday I made a small trade that netted me four really nice cards for my collection.  The first pair come from the 1998 Topps Gold Label set.  If you've read my previous blog entries you've probably noticed I really like the 90's card sets.  Most of them.  The Gold Label set ran from 1998 through 2002 and featured a tier set similar to some of the late 90's Fleer sets.  In fact, the card design and the tiering remind many people of the Fleer Showcase sets.  The first tier, or Class 1, of the Gold Label set are the easiest to find and the Class 3 are the toughest at four per case.  The two cards I picked up come from the first and third tier of the set.

1998 Topps Gold Label Class 1 Jeromy Burnitz Red Label 26/100
1998 Topps Gold Label Class 3 Ray Lankford 

The Jeromy Burnitz card is labeled to 100 and is part of the Red Label parallel.  Burnitz was a great masher in the late 90s and a fun player to watch.  Here's a video of him, Mike Piazza, and Joe McEwing trying to beat up Guerillmo Mota.  Ray Lankford is self explanatory.  

I also picked up two autographs in the trade too both from the 2011 Bowman Sterling set. 

2011 Bowman Sterling Nathan Eovaldi Autograph

 2011 Bowman Sterling Maikel Cleto Autograph

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