Wednesday, July 11, 2012

2011 Topps Triple Threads Ichiro Suzuki Jersey

I spent my childhood watching the 1980's Cardinals and appreciate the toll that speed puts on another team's defense.  The Cardinals ran their way to a World Series title in 1982 and also appeared in the 1985 and 1987 Series.  The majority of the players, not named Jack Clark, hit few homers and were either defensive stars or a major threat to steal a few bases.  There are a few documented videos of the 1985 team here and here complete with 1980's music.  

The 80's came to an end and so did the Cardinals era of small ball.  The style of play the Cardinals used hasn't really been duplicated by an entire team, but there are players that I occasionally see whom I think could fit.  

Ichiro could have definitely fit in as an 80's Cardinals players.  Fast, good hitter, and good fielder.  Whitey Herzog would have had him running all over the astroturf.  It's hard to follow a West Coast player while living on the East Coast, but Ichiro is a player I always look for in the box scores.  

He even has a cool connection to St. Louis. 

Anyway, I was trading a few Tigers cards last weekend and ran into this gem from the 2011 Triple Threads set.  It's a pretty sweet card, but I wish the jersey pieces had more contrast with the card.  Can't win them all and it's a great add to the collection.  

2011 Topps Triple Threads Ichiro Suzuki Jersey  


  1. I see what you mean there about the contrast but it's still a really sweet card. Is that numbered out of 83? Do you know if there's a specific reason for that numbering?

    1. It's actually numbered out of 36. I think that 36 is the numbering on a lot of the Triple Threads cards. Pretty common number to find throughout the set.

  2. That green swatch looks like it is from his 2001 All-Star game jersey. Which if it is, is pretty sweet regardless of the look.