Wednesday, July 4, 2012

2004 Fleer EX Ozzie Smith Autograph

I picked up a cool last week and was excited to see it arrive safely in the mail earlier in the week.  The card comes from the 2004 Fleer EX set which was a high end, one autograph per pack release with lots of cool autographs, patches, and jersey pieces.  This card looked rather ordinary at first glance, but I still kept looking since it was an Ozzie Smith autograph.  

In fact, I almost passed it by since it was a sticker autograph.  Ozzie has plenty of on-card autographs and I would really prefer to keep as many of my Hall of Fame autographs that way if possible.  The really cool part of this card to me was the jersey swatch.  It polyester, it's brown, it's from the 70's.  Sure, I like cool patches better than a generic piece of white or grey jersey.  However, I like when you can look at a jersey piece and tell exactly when and where it comes from.  Why aren't there powder blue Ozzie Smith jersey cards?  I am not sure, but this is clearly a Padres piece from early in Ozzie's career.  The autograph is a nice bonus, even if it's a sticker.   Have a good 4th!  

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