Friday, July 13, 2012

2000 Fleer Showcase Sweet Sigs Greg Maddux Autograph

Rant of the Day:

I am feeling a little bit restless this week with my cards.  I've been trying to put together the rest of my Tier One cards and am getting a little bit aggravated about the lack of variety in players Topps gets to sign for some of its sets.  The Cardinals autograph line-up for every Topps set this year has basically been Allen Craig, Jon Jay, Jason Motte, and Stan Musial.  I should be excited about Stan, but his autograph has really gone down hill.  A lot of the other autographs in the set are the same too.  I saw something with a Wally Joyner today.  Hmmm....

On to the Maddux.  One of my all time favorite cards from yesteryears.  I bought cheap at a card store outside of St. Louis and have really enjoyed owning this card.  Maddux was one of the most unique and talented pitchers of the 90's.  He won multiple Cy Young awards and put up great numbers during the steroid era all while he was clearly not on steroids.

2000 Fleer Showcase Sweet Sigs Greg Maddux

Cardwise, Maddux is a great autograph to add to your collection.  He has a variety of different certified autographs on the market, but I would guess that the print run is short on almost all of them.  Maddux was a big sticker autograph guy in the mid 2000's, but there are several late 90s and early 2000s autographs that are on card and can be had for around $100.  

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