Saturday, June 12, 2021

The Bulls Collection of Players Named Lowe.

A few years back the Durham Bulls, really the Rays, had two players with the last name Lowe.  

There was Nate Lowe.  

Who is now on the Rangers.  

There was also Brandon Lowe.  

Who is now the Rays starting second baseman.  

The Bulls did not field a team last year due to the pandemic, so they did not have a chance to put a player with the last name Lowe on the field.  Naturally, when the 2021 season started the name Lowe reappeared on the roster.  This time it's outfielder Jose Lowe.  

He is leading the International League in slugging.  I am not calling it Triple-A East, or whatever Rob Manfred renamed the league.  

He's been a good player and is way more affordable than Wander Franco or Vidal Brujan.  

So, here is the card.  

This is one of those cards that Topps rushed to produce.  Yes, it is clearly airbrushed, but the metal bleachers in the background are a clear giveaway that this is a picture from a high school baseball game of some sort.  I think it would actually be cooler if the parents/spectators in the background were in lawn chairs.  

Whoever is behind his left shoulder is not even watching the game.  

There are not many Josh Lowe cards out there.  Like many other prospects on the Rays, they get the first Bowman card and then they are ignored until they are suddenly playing well in the Majors.  It's the same thing that happened to the two other Lowes, although Nate was not a serious prospect.  


  1. This post stirred up memories of my mom coming out to my games and watching in her lawn chair. Good times. Thanks for that.

    1. You're welcome. One of my first purchases this spring was a new lawn chair, so I could go sit at my son's soccer games. He's done baseball/t-ball in the past, but the fields always had bleachers. The lawn chair has been great.

  2. As far as modern sports go, I only watch the occasional highlight, but it's remarkable how often you'll see people not watching the event that they're at during the highlight. Not surprisingly, most of the time they're looking at their phones.

    1. For sure. My son and I go to NC State basketball games, partial season tickets, and sit behind the student section. It's shocking the number of students on phones.