Monday, September 14, 2015

New T.J.

I am always a little bit reluctant to buy cards from overseas sellers on Ebay, but I saw this really cool T.J. Warren card a few weeks back and decided that it was worth the risk given that the card was selling for less than $5.  If you have never bought from an overseas seller on Ebay, the tracking options for the packages can be limited, and the shipping can be a little bit slow.  This card took me just over three weeks to land in my mailbox.....

I do not dabble outside of baseball cards often, but I have really enjoyed picking up a few T.J. Warren cards over the past year since he left N.C. State for the NBA.  Warren was the ACC Player of the Year two year back, and was also one of the leading scorers in college basketball, but was slowed by injuries and limited playing time with the Suns during his first year in the NBA.  He had a great summer league this year and I am looking forward to checking out his lines in the box scores once basketball season starts back up again in a few weeks.

Almost all of the T.J. Warren cards that I have added to my collection have featured the forward wearing his NC State uni, but I would imagine that more and more of his cards will be of the Suns variety in the near future.  In the meantime, there are a few more nice Wolfpack autographs of T.J's that I would love to add to the collection.

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