Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Baseball Card To Be Named Later

I love when players get traded to the Cardinals, and instead of running to Ebay or COMC to find cards of the new player, I run to a box of cards.  Sure, I post cards here, but I do not take the time to scan or post all of them.  Actually, if my mailbox would scan the cards when they got delivered, I would probably post them all.  That's for a different day though. 

The trade sent Randy Arozarena and Jose Martinez to the Rays for pitcher Matthew Libertore, and a Minor League catcher. 

First, I will miss Randy Arozarena's Instgram Stories from the Cardinals locker room.  I will also miss Jose Martinez, because he was one of the few Cardinals with any personality. 

I made a mad dash for the autographed card boxes just minutes after the trade was announced.  I actually picked up a pair of Libertore autographs after has was drafted by the Rays.  I figure that their high draft picks are likely to end up on the Bulls, so I am saving myself some trouble.  Plus, if they are a college player, maybe there is a chance that I have seen them play. 

Libertore was a high school kid, so no college cards.  Here's what I did have in my autographed cards box of the new Cardinals prospect. 

I got this 2018 Bowman's Best autograph of Libertore.  It is one of his cheapest autographs, which is exactly why I bought it.  I think he was on the Princeton Rays at the time, which is Rookie League.  I was also hoping that maybe over time his autograph might evolve into something different. 

Probably not, but we can hope. 

I did end up with a copy of his Bowman Chrome autograph.  A little bit nicer than his Bowman's Best, and a little more expensive.

However, I managed to find a copy of this card last year during the offseason, and it was not too bad to buy this card.  I will go ahead and file these away, hopefully he will be pitching at Busch Stadium in the not too distant future.  

Unless, he gets traded again.....

In that case, I will post some Nolan Arenado cards. 


  1. It'll be a sad day for baseball if the Rockies move Arenado. He's a cornerstone guy. The Rockies should hold onto him for their franchise and their fans.

    1. Agreed, in a perfect world the Rockies should hold on to Arenado, but the same thing could have probably been said for Holiday and Walker. Both ended up on the Cardinals.