Sunday, December 8, 2019

2019 Blake Snell Autograph Count: 27

There are three weeks left in 2019.  I have officially done enough with Blake Snell autographs.  There are none left that are affordable, or that really interest me, so we are done after this post.  It's been a good run, never thought I would get all the way to 27 autographs of one player in a year. 

I made sure that the last Snell of the year was something good though.  I ended up picking up one of the cards that I skipped earlier in the summer due to cost.  There are expensive Snell autographs, but it seems that at some point they always come down a bit.  At worst, if you are patient a copy of the card will fly under the radar on an Ebay auction.  I have never set a ceiling on how much I will spend on a Snell autograph, but there are non-starters.  

Most of the Buy It Nows and auctions when this card fist came out were over $30.  That's a non-starter for this card.  I did not pay it, and I ended up saving some money.  

This is from Definitive, which is one of those Topps brands that all blends together in my world with things like Tribute an Museum Collection.  I am sure there are others that I am not thinking about as a truck through a post at 5:30 on a Sunday morning.   The cards are on thicker stock, have some sort of jersey or patch swatch, an have a low print run.  

The backs of the cards are look the same too.  

It's like a generic form letter that Topps attaches to all of the aforementioned card brands.  

It has been a fun year of collecting Snell autographs, but I am definitely ready to move onto something else.  I have started drafting my end of the year post, and I am definitely going to pass over repeating this sort of project again.  


  1. 3 9-pocket pages worth of autographs. If he becomes the next Sandy Koufax, you're gonna be a very rich man :)

    1. I doubt that Snell will turn out that good, but still should have a solid career.