Saturday, August 6, 2016

Durham Bulls In Frames

I did not open any boxes of Allen & Ginter.  It's always one of my favorite products every year, but I have been busy with kids and work of late.  I am still going to work on putting together a bunch of the cards out of the set starting with a few autographs.  After checking out the checklist there are a few that I am really excited about picking up.  I decided to start with a pair of former Durham Bulls players to start out my dive into this year's Allen & Ginter product.

First up is last year's Minor League Pitcher of the Year Blake Snell.  This is a beautiful card:

I feel like the frame designs are starting to run together a bit with some of the Ginter sets, but this is a great look.  Topps could use the same frame every year and change out the mini card in the middle and I would still buy these cards.

Snell's cards seem to have come down a bit in terms of price and popularity.  This is one of the most inexpensive autographs of his that I have picked up this year and it was easy to find.  Not serial numbered or anything, but a great looking card.

Next up is infielder Richie Shaffer.

This is my second Shaffer autograph I have added the past two weeks.  He's not having the best year with the Bulls, also a little time with the Rays, but I am still a fan.  I am a little surprised at the number of autographs he has had this year considering he has spent most of the year in Triple A.  Love seeing his cards though and they are always easy on the wallet.

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