Monday, August 22, 2016

Things I Am Sorting Part 5

We are getting near the end of the first two projects that I listed at the top of my page.  I still need to put up a post about my progress towards completing the 2001 Topps Archives set, but my Molten Metal Xplosion set is almost completely crossed off.  Here is a list of the cards I needed out of the set heading into last week.

2 Jose Canseco
11 Miguel Tejada
20 Pedro Martinez
23 Matt Williams
46 Javy Lopez
50 Andy Pettitte
79 A.J. Hinch
95 Omar Vizquel
99 Mike Mussina
105 Roberto Alomar
114 A.J. Burnett RC
121 Manny Ramirez  

I had actually failed to update the percentage of the set that was completed on my Projects tab after I made my last post on this set.  The page lists my progress at 55%, but I was actually at 92% of the complete set.  Well, that was until I received another batch of these cards in the mail along with a nice surprise from a generous collector.  

Here are the new cards I added to my Molten Metal Set:

A few new cards.  If you check the list above you will notice that the Kerry Wood card is not actually there, but the collector who traded me this lot of cards threw in the card as a bonus.  It's not a dupe, it's actually a promotional card.  This is a look at the back of the card....

I had not even thought about collecting a promotional sample.  A nice little bonus on top of the regular 150 baseball cards in the set.  The lot of cards scanned above actually takes 5 off of my list of 12 cards, leaving me with just 8 left to find.  It brings my completion percentage up to  95%.  


  1. These are neat cards! Don't think I've seen this set.

    1. It's a really cool set. Worth checking out.