Sunday, August 3, 2014

More Trips To The Local Card Store

I had an influx of in-laws into my house this week for my wife's cousin's wedding which was last night.  Pretty fun event.  Anyway, in-laws in town meant that my brother in-law was in town from Michigan.  Over the last year he has taken up baseball cards, but has no local card shop.  Showing up in Raleigh seemed like a good excuse to make a trip into my favorite local card shop Big D's Sports Cards.  

Jimmy had already set aside a really nice David Price autograph for me earlier in the week from the 2009 Topps Finest set.  I really like these cards.  Basically a rip off of the SP Authentic By The Letter cards, but if you are going to copy a set that's not a bad one to do...

This was all before the Rays decided to part ways with one of my favorite Durham Bulls of all-time.  I was open to the idea of stopping my Price collection if he ended up with the wrong team (Cubs), but I can handle Price as a Tiger.  I picked up three other items at Big D's.....

A camo Yadier Molina card from the Panini Prizm set.  I know I can rail against non-licensed products at times, but this is a really cool card with the catchers equipment on Molina.  No logos to airbrush.  Perhaps Panini could just make cards of catchers wearing their catching gear.  You're welcome Panini.  

Jayson Nix.  He was a Durham Bull for awhile this year, played well, but was released this week to make room on the roster for the newly acquired Nick Franklin.  I'm going to put this card right next to my stack of Adam Kennedy cards.  Both briefly Bulls.  Hey, they played.  

Finally, back to Yadi.  This short print is from last year's Allen & Ginter set.  Still working on those short prints.  Hey, I also picked up a big box of Ginter cards from this year for $10.  Maybe I will finish that set and last year's set too.  


  1. That's cool that you have a family member who collects too. I wish my nephew still collected. Cool cards... especially the Molina #2. Wait Panini is doing a camo parallel too? Well... I guess imitation is the kindest form of flattery.

  2. It is cool having a family member collect. We have done some good trades. I actually like the Panini camo cards a little better than the Topps version.

  3. I just grabbed a McCutchen Camo Prizm. Of all the variants, the camos are my favorite. Nice Price auto BTW.

    1. Thank you! I will have to check out that camo McCutchen. I bet it looks awesome.