Monday, October 21, 2013

The Finest of the Finest

One of the best sets during the time I have spent collecting was the initial 1993 Topps Finest set.  To this day, the set is very popular and the refractor set cards are still one of the great chase sets floating around.  If you have a favorite 90s players, tracking down a copy of their 1993 Topps Finest Refractor is an item that should be on every collectors bucket list.  

1993 Topps Finest Refractor Egardo Alfonzo

If you do not have a favorite player from the 90s, it's okay, you can still pick some of these great cards off on the cheap.  While stars from the set generally push triple digits, sometimes you can sneak through a minor star like Edgardo Alfonzo for a fraction of that cost.  

The popularity of 1993 Finest set, paired with the set's 20th anniversay, prompted Topps to include an insert set based on the 1993 base set.  The cards sell similar to the originals on Ebay.  Base cards from the 2013 Topps Finest 1993 Reprint set can sell for a few dollars with the refractors, numbered to 25, selling for considerable more money.  

I have not picked up a refractor yet, but have picked up a few of the cards from the Rays and Cardinals to add to my collection.  Topps did a fabulous job of recreating these cards and I am hoping to assemble the complete set of Cardinals and Rays over the next few weeks.  Maybe a vlog post.  Without further ado...The 2013 Topps Finest 1993 Reprint Rays and Cardinals...

2013 Topps Finest 1993 Reprint David Price 

2013 Topps Finest 1993 Reprint Adam Wainwright

2013 Topps Finest 1993 Reprint Yadier Molina 

2013 Topps Finest 1993 Reprint Matt Holliday 


  1. You're right. This set is awesome. I never see them in circulation at the card shows.
    I've got the Ozzie Smith and that card rocks!

    1. Love the Ozzie and glad to hear others love these cards too.

  2. Great set is right. Long time reader just recent follower. I know u have traded w/DodgerBobble and plaschkethysweaterisargyle and I am out here in LA with them. Using them as reference = )
    I was wondering if you still have the "L" from the 2008 SP for Matt Kemp and if you are willing to part with it? If so great, if not no harm no foul in asking. Thank you either way and have a good one. if you are so inclined to look at my blog.
    Have a great day

    1. I think I still have it. Let me do a little checking. If it's gone I can probably tell you who has it.