Monday, October 7, 2013

More Die Cuts-Jimmy Ballgame Edition

I have given Jim Edmonds, Jimmy Ballgame, plenty of pub on my blog over the past year and half and posted plenty of cool video clips of him making cool catches.  I am happy to say that I picked up a really cool Edmonds card this weekend, but I am going to skip the video clips in favor of letting the card do the talking.  Here it is:

2006 Flair Showcase Jim Edmonds Hot Gloves 
Why are there not more Jim Edmonds inserts like this?  I am not sure, but there were plenty of chances for different card manufactures to put out cards celebrating Edmonds defensive abilities.  The Hot Gloves inserts were a long running set, but the decade plus the cards were made this is the Cardinals/Angels center fielder's only appearance in this cool die cut insert set featuring the best defensive players in the game.  Topps, Upper Deck, Fleer, Donruss, and Pacific all had inserts, in some instances whole sets, dedicated to defensive players, but failed to insert Jimmy Ballgame.

This card was from the last Hot Gloves insert produced after the Fleer/Flair product lines had been sold to Upper Deck in bankruptcy.  All of the Hot Gloves inserts were die-cuts, but the pattern and design changed throughout the years.  In its early years, the Hot Gloves cards were orange.  Like the gloves were hot.  I like this design a little bit more with the well used glove as the background.  Really cool card for less than $10 and a great find for my collection of Jimmy Ballgame cards.

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