Friday, October 4, 2013

Jumbo Axman

John Axford has been on the Cardinals for a little more than a month and I think I might have already conquered his two best non-plate cards.  I picked up a copy of his Topps Tribute autograph when he was traded to the Cardinals on August 31st, but managed to pick up a copy of his lone jumbo relic cards last week.  I was a little disappointed that his only certified autograph features the Axman pitching for the Canadian National team, his token jumbo relic out on the market features the reliever as a Brewer.  Nothing against Canadians, the World Baseball Classic is stale, but the Brewers card makes me a little bit happier.

2013 Topps Museum Collection John Axford Jumbo Jersey

The card also features a cool picture of Axford with his trademark high socks and awesome mustache.  This card is limited to a print run of just 35 cards and features a large swatch of Axford's road grey uniform.

The Brewers traded Axford after he had fallen out of the closer role with the team and seemingly out of favor with a lot of Brewers fans.  In 62 games this season Axford had sported an ERA over 4 and had surrendered 10 home runs in a set up role for the club.  Since being traded to the Cardinals Axford has seemed to settle back into his old self.  In one months work he has an ERA of 1.74, more than a strikeout per inning, and an ERA+ of 217.  Not too shabby.

Here's a look at Axford in a Cardinals uniform:

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