Sunday, October 27, 2013

Blind Trade

I have been flying low on the trade market recently.  I cannot remember the last time that I made a post on my trade page on Facebook.  If I have made a trade over the last few months it's strictly been with a few people whom I had already traded with before.  This last week I tried something a little new in regards to trading: A blind trade.

I know that collectors often send each other packages and return packages back to each with considerations for the original package.  This is not my style, but I am willing to try something out at least once.  I have always been very specific about what I am looking for and what I am willing to part with in my collection.  So, this trade was a big step for me to let go of control, accept what came in the mail, and send back what the collector collects.

I received four cards, three current Cardinals, and one former Cardinal.  Here's what I got:

2008 UD Documentary Kyle McClellan Autograph 

This is my former Cardinal, but still a really cool card.  McClellan played for the 2011 World Series Championship Cardinals team.  In fact, he started 17 games for the team and won 12 games.  McClellan ran into the wall later in the season and was not active on the post season roster, but was a vital part of the regular season team.  McClellan also pitched for the Cardinals in 2012, but had some arm problems and was not tendered a contract.  He was signed by the Rangers and appeared in a few games for the team last season, but was injured again.  Always cool to get a new autograph of a Cardinals player on a World Series team.

2013 Topps Green Emerald Matt Holliday 

I actually picked up two green emerald parallels in this trade and have picked up several of these throughout the year.  These cards are the best parallel cards that Topps has put out in recent memory.  Love the looks of the card and think they are very sharp.  I also picked up the Allen Craig card below.

2013 Topps Emerald Green Allen Craig 

The card below is my favorite in the trade package I received.  If you have not been watching the baseball playoffs then they have missed out on Cardinals prospect Carlos Martinez pitching the set up role for the team.  Martinez started in the minors, but the Cardinals have been using him in the relief role late in the season and during the playoffs.

2013 Bowman Blue Mini Carlos Martinez 

This card is from the 2013 Bowman set and is apart of the awesome line of minis.  I have really enjoyed some of the mini cards Topps put out this year.  I have the regular Martinez mini card, but this blue parallel is serial numbered out of 250.  Really sweet card.  

One half of the blind trade is done, so I have spent a little bit of time this weekend putting together a package of Pirates, Big Hurts, and other cards.  Hope the other half of this trade enjoys.  

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