Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Quick Lankford Card

1998 Bowman Chrome Gold Ray Lankford

Really tired this morning after staying up to watch the Cardinals and Dodgers play last night and I have got a pumpkin farm to go to this morning.  Or else.  So, what to say about my latest card pick-up?  This is one of the harder low print run parallel cards out there of Ray Lankford.  I have missed out on this card twice and was really surprised when a third copy of the card popped up on Ebay.  More than happy to buy.  The gold parallel is in both the regular and Chrome versions of the Bowman sets, but the difference is in the numbering.  Speaking of which, I never show a scan of the back of the card....

The Chrome Gold Parallel, as you can see from the scan, is numbered to just 50 copies.  The Gold parallel of the regular Bowman card is numbered to just 99 copies.  More baseball card goodness later tonight, until then I'll be at the pumpkin patch

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