Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pacific Cramer's Choice Cards

One of the card shops that I used to frequent outside of St. Louis has a big cabinet on the back center wall of the store.  The shop owner had a few nice autographed items, Heartland statues, old bobbles, and a whole bunch of oversized Pacific Cramer's Choice cards.  I always really liked the cards and would often stop and look at the giant die-cut beauties.  Of course, as I remember, the cards always priced out over $25.  While I really liked the cards, I would have rather put the $25 towards a box or an autograph.

After moving away from St. Louis I kind of forgot about the cards.  I would see one pop up every once in awhile, but it would be an item in someone's collection that they were showing off, or a version from another sport.  At some point I ended up with an Albert Belle.  Don't remember how, but it is here.    However, last week I had two Cramer's Choice cards pop up in a photo album of one of my trading partners.  Both cards were Cardinals and I knew my moment had come.  I asked about price and found a few nice relic cards to offer back picking up my first two jumbo die-cut Cramer's Choice cards.

1998 Pacific Cramer's Choice Award Mark McGwire 

1999 Pacific Cramer's Choice Award J.D. Drew

There are not too many Cardinals that appeared in the Cramer's Choice Awards set during their run between 1998 and 2000.  McGwire appeared in all three sets, J.D. Drew appeared in the 1999 set, and Rick Ankiel appeared in the 2000 edition.  If I add in players who appeared for the Cardinals, but are not a Cardinals card in the set, I would have to add a Larry Walker.  Sounds like a good challenge for the next few weeks.  I can find four cards and post them, right?  Go Team!


  1. Always loved the Cramer's Choice inserts... but like you never wanted to spend big $$$ on them.

  2. I pulled a Emmit Smith Cramers choice card out of the pack when I was a kid. I still have it. If I remember correctly it was a rare insert 1:757