Wednesday, June 19, 2013

2013 Topps Museum Collection Matt Holliday Quad Jersey

Matt Holliday is having one of his worst seasons as a professional baseball player.  Currently, he's about 40 points off of his career batting average, 30 points off of his on-base percentage, and most alarmingly 90 points off of his career slugging percentage.  His home run total is still on-pace for around 25 home runs and almost 90 RBIs.  Does not sound bad, but the Cardinals pay their left fielder $16 million dollars to be an offensive force.

The decline in Holliday's performance has also lead to a decline in the price of his cards.  The most notable drop can be seen in Holliday's autographed cards where the prices have dropped from the $20 to $30 neighborhood to the $10 to $20 neighborhood.  The decline in prices can be seen with some of Holliday's other cards too, but you have to be a little bit selective to take advantage of the discount.  Take this card for example:

2013 Topps Museum Collection Matt Holliday Quad Jersey 

When the Museum Collection set dropped in late May the Holliday quad jersey cards were selling for around $20.  The patch version was selling for $30.  The further the release date of Museum Collection gets in the rear view mirror, the lower the price gets on this card.  Currently, the price of this card is south of $10.  Isolated incident?  I also picked up another nice Holliday card that followed the same pricing trend as this Museum Collection card.

2013 Topps Archives Gold Matt Holliday 

I loved the new Topps Archives cards this year and was excited to see the 1985 design.  Even happier to see Matt Holliday on one of these cards.  I immediately kept my eyes open for the gold version of this card.  The card prices started out between $5 and $10 on this card, but can now be had for $1 to $2.

I know that some people can find this trend with other cards and often attribute the drop in price to settling in the secondary market or a decrease in the popularity of the set and singles after the sets initial release.  However, Cardinals fans and collectors tend to be pretty loyal and many of the established players on the team tend to have stable prices.  The same can be said of other well established players on teams like the Yankees, Red Sox, and Braves.  For example, the gold parallel of the Yadier Molina card from the Topps Archives set has consistently hovered around $5 for the past month.

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