Sunday, June 16, 2013

2012 Topps Tier One Al Kaline Autograph

I try to save my Ebay Bucks away for a raining day.  Sometime when I see a card that would look good in the collection, but does not necessarily fit the card budget at the moment.  I've done well with trading the past couple of weeks and spent little when I've need to buy, so the Bucks have been sitting on the sidelines.   Last week I received a use or lose it email from Ebay, so I decided to find the best possible card to use my bucks on and came up with:  

This Al Kaline Topps Tier One Autograph cost just enough that I ended up spending a whopping fifteen cents out of my own PayPal account for this card.  I am not huge on many of Ebay's policies and have noticed many card collectors fleeing the site in recent years for sites like Check Out My Cards, or more recently the Collector's Revolution.  However, I do really enjoy the Ebay bucks program which offers a small rebate back on purchases made on the site.  Ebay issues a certificate quarterly which I like to think about as basically earning a free card, or a discounted card every once in awhile.  

As far as the card goes, Tier One was a really nice product last year and I already have several of the autographs from the set in my collection.  Adding this Kaline autograph is a really nice late addition.  He's a Hall of Famer with a really nice clean signature.  Especially when it's on the card and not on a sticker.  

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