Saturday, June 8, 2013

2010 Topps Tribute Justin Upton Dual Jersey Autograph

Apparently I have been collecting the wrong Upton the past few years.  After watching B.J. Upton spend a little time with the Durham Bulls a few summers back, I decided that I would collect his cards.  I've even featured a few of them during the past year on this space.  All the while I was aware that there was another Upton roaming around the Majors, but I just never got a really good feeling watching Justin Upton.  Silly reason not to pick up a card of someone, but I am usually pretty good at this sort of thing.

Never went crazy on Delmon Young even though he was a number one overall pick and a Durham Bull.  I ran away from Tommy Hanson cards the first few years he was in the bigs.  Josh Hamilton?  I've owned at least fifteen different Josh Hamilton autographs.  They only I've actually kept is one copy of his 1999 Topps Traded autograph.  That's it.

I am not sure what has always bothered me about Justin Upton, but at least part of my worry in picking up one of his autographs has always been justifying the price.  While he cards are not the most expensive autographs in the world, there hard to find for less than $10-$15.  He also has a lot of early, low print run cards that can cost a pretty penny too.

I thought his cards would pick up some steam with his trade to Atlanta and his perceived great start in a Braves uniforms.  While the younger Upton is hitting home runs in bunches this year in Atlanta, he still appears to be a very similar player to the one I did not really like in Arizona.  However, he is playing much better than his brother, not hard to do at this point, and he is in a better baseball town.

Well, we've all got to spend our Ebay Bucks somewhere and it never hurts to do a little combined shipping and pick up a few cards that you are looking for and not just the one.  I was actually looking for a few other things and stumbled upon this card:

2010 Topps Tribute Justin Upton Dual Jersey Autograph 

The card would be way better if it weren't a sticker autograph, but I guess I can now say that I own a Justin Upton autograph and that I did not grossly overpay for it.  The card is limited to 50 print runs and comes from a premium Topps product.  I am going to go ahead and put this in one of my boxes of autographs, but might consider flipping it around to some lucky Braves fan if Upton goes on a good tear once it gets hot in Atlanta.  

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