Tuesday, June 11, 2013

2007 Topps 52 Chase Headley Autograph

This is the first year in a long time that I have not fielded a fantasy baseball team.  Looking back over my records on various websites I am going to say that I started my first team my junior year of college.  That was a pretty long time ago.  Over the years I had some great teams, some not great teams, won a few leagues, and come in last a few times.  It was always fun to see a few surprise players emerge every year and a few other players disappoint.  This year has been busier and my schedule is not getting any easier, so this year I am putting my irons in other fires.

My team last year was greatly helped by surprise player Chase Headley.  Headley was one of the best third baseman in all of baseball last summer posting a line of .286/.376/.498 along with 31 home runs, 31 doubles, and a Wins Above Replacement of 6.0.  All while playing half of his games in one of the worst hitters parks in the league.  Headley performed so well that many writers speculated that the Padres would cash in on Headley's 2012 performance and trade him for a bundle of prospects.  Sounds like a good player to own an autograph of?  Of course it does.

2007 Topps 52 Chase Headley Autograph

Unfortunately, Headley is having a terrible year.  While I am not playing fantasy baseball, I often hear about other people's teams.  Most disappointing player:  Headley.  Sure, there are people who speculated on some minor leaguer and missed, but that's to be expected.   Headley's line has plummeted down to .225/.330/.353.  Unhappy fantasy owners galore.  I am not sure if the Padres are still going to trade their third baseman at some point this year, but it seems they might have missed a great chance to get their maximum value this off season.  It seems likely that the Padres will have to accept less for Headley or let him spend some more time in San Diego in hopes of reestablishing a little bit more value.   Fantasy owners face the same dilemma, but I would guess that many owners might just cut Headley free at this point.  

Similarly, last season represent a great year for Headley collectors.  The Padres star has only a few certified autographs and went from common prices up into the $15-$20 range by the end of last summer and into the fall.  This year?  I bought this card for $4 shipped.  The stamp and delivery confirmation cost $3.10.  Throw in a bubble mailer and I paid very little for this card.  Why buy such a card?  

One of the best parts of playing fantasy baseball is speculating on player performance.  When do you get rid of a player?  When do you pick up a player?  What types of players do you pick up and when?  Headley is a great risk for card collectors.  Fantasy owners?  Maybe if you're in a keeper league or the Padres decide to sell low.  

Headley has actually played the same amount of games on the road as at home during his career.  He has posted a .241/.331/.368 line at home with 97 extra base hits.  His road line is considerably better.  Headley's road line is .295/.363/.454.  Huge difference.  I am guessing that Headley will eventually end up on another team and produce a line closer to his road stats.  In the meantime, I have an inexpensive Headley autograph.  If he plays well I can get a nice return on my autograph, and if not, I can think of this card as my trophy from last year's fantasy baseball team.  

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