Sunday, June 2, 2013

2000 Fleer Club 3000 Lou Brock Relic Cards

I picked up a pair of Fleer Club 3000 cards this week featuring Cardinals Hall of Fame left-fielder Lou Brock.  These cards were released across several 2000 Fleer products and came in several varieties.  The most common cards were the base cards with no relics, followed by the single relic cards, and the most difficult to pull are the multiple relics.  I always really liked these cards and know several other collectors who have a pretty nice stash of these cards.  Surprisingly, the single relic cards in this set are often quite inexpensive despite the popularity of the set and the quality of names appearing in the set.  Both of these cards cost me less than $20 together.

2000 Fleer Club 3000 Lou Brock Jersey Card

First up this morning is the jersey card.  I love the powder blue jersey patch on this card.  Definitely a Cardinals road jersey from the late 70s.  The card is limited to a mere 680 cards, which is not very impressive by today's standards, but I am sure was probably really low in 2000.  

The bat card is a generic bat piece and is not serial numbered on the back, so I can only imagine how many of these are floating around.  More importantly, these two Lou Brock cards have helped me complete my set of Cardinals relic cards for the Club 3000 set.  I am going to probably dedicate a little space sometime during the next week or two to post pictures of my Gibson and Musial cards and show off the complete set together.  


  1. Such a great relic set. I remember seeing them in card shops in Cooperstown the year they came out, but as a 15 year old with nothing more than part-time income from mowing lawns, they were out of my price range.

  2. Great cards. I built the base set a while back. One day, I hope to add a few of these relics to my collection too. Can't wait to see Gibson, Brock, and Musial all together in one post.