Sunday, January 22, 2023

Pujols Post - 2022 Bowman Platinum

I took an excursion to do some shopping at the local big box stores this afternoon. I really should have taken a picture of the card aisles. They were completely trashed and picked over. There have been so many pictures posted to social media recently of big box store card aisles that are fully stocked and pristine. It's headline news after 2020 when there were grown men risking assualt charges over a box of Topps cards that cost $19.99.   

Maybe I expecting a lot out of my local stores considering the Target next to my house had a snake roaming the canned food aisle last year. 

I pulled an autograph of Matheu Nelson, former ACC Player of the Year at Free Seafood University. 

He went to Florida State, my bad.  

The seafood may or may not be free.  

Anyway, recent retiree Albert Pujols also made an appearance in my packs of Bowman Platinum.  

I like Albert and I hope he has saved up. He's on a fixed income now.  

This is a nice action shot of Albert waiting to hit. It would be nice to see the background, but it's Bowman Platinum. It's one of those sets where the background is swirls and lines, or whatever pattern Topps throws on the card for the year.  This one looks like it was based on the reverse card from an UNO card deck. 

Just kind of broke the post here. Sorry, I couldn't find another headline to fit with the pattern on the background of the card. Should have made the whole thing about UNO instead.  

Love that the write-up on the back gives his numbers against left-handed pitching. Let's face it, Albert was terrible on the Angels because they were running him out there for 600 at-bats a year. Righties and lefties. Meanwhile, the Dodgers and Cardinals ran him out there against lefties and he put together two good years.  

Albert Pujols versus left-handed pitching not only has news headlines, it has YouTube videos with key moments.  



  1. I'm so happy Pujols wrapped up his career in St. Louis... and he did it on a high note. My friend told me a week or two ago that someone OD'd at the front door that we had just shopped at the day before. Gotta admit, I'd rather deal with snakes than that.

    1. Last year was a fun ride with Pujols as a Cardinal. Medical emergencies and snakes are a toss up in my book. I have seen a few assorted, bad accidents in my day. Hard to see someone in physical distress.

  2. They don't sell cards at Target stores here in Portland at all. The last time they had cards, 2021 Topps Series 1 was brand new. The only way to get cards here in a physical store is to go to Barnes & Noble or happen to get lucky at a Walgreen's. Stuff is always behind the counter, which makes it awkward.

    1. The Walgreens in Raleigh has the baseball cards in the security boxes as the razor blades. Even the repackaged stuff. Super weird for a $6 repack filled with junk wax. Honestly, given the quantity of wax packs and boxes at my local retail stores, we are probably going to enter some new Junk Wax era with Fanatics taking over. They are going to crank up that printing press.

  3. The Walmart that's closest to me is almost always well stocked, and has been since I moved here almost 8 years ago. People never bought everything out during the Rona, or the subsequent Boom. Now if one of these card companies would just make something that I'm interested in...

    1. I am really excited about the 2024 Heritage set with the 1975 Topps cards. That is probably the next thing on the horizon I really want to see. Until then, I will put together a Topps base set and dabble with other things.


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