Saturday, March 4, 2017

Pack In Black

The official school colors of NC State are red and white, but if you watch enough of their sporting events you'd know that every great once in awhile the school breaks out some black uniforms.  I have never quite understood the timing of the events, but it usually happens at least once a year in most of the sports.

Black jerseys for basketball.....

Black Jerseys for football......

and of course State also wears black jerseys for baseball too.  However, of all the sports teams at the school I am pretty sure that the baseball teams wears their black uniforms more than the other sports.  True, they have a larger slate of games to wear alternate jerseys, but the black jerseys seem to pop up a little more frequently on the diamond.

The football jerseys are probably the shakiest unis out of the black alternate jerseys pictured here, and while I am usually not a fan of straying from the school's color scheme I must say that the black looks really nice with the red and white.  At least a lot better looking than some of the black jerseys that the two blue Carolina schools from down the street try to pull off.

Which leads me to my newest baseball card of a Wolfpack player.  They are wearing a black jersey on the card which is itself a black baseball card.  Looks really sharp.  There was a little glare from the scanner, the card has a really shiny finish......

This might be the nicest NC State baseball card that I own.  I have picked up a bunch over the years, and while I sure some of them have a lower print run or whatever, this card is just awesome in every way that a baseball card can be.  I know that Carlos Rodon also has a bunch of cards like this that Panini has put out, but Turner seems to suddenly be the player with the higher upside which was not the way it was viewed while they were playing in Raleigh.  The back of the card....

Very well done by Panini and very happy to own this card.  I hope that I can find another couple of cards from this set which fit into my collection.  Go Pack! Go Trea Turner, hope it's a good year!  


  1. That's an awesome Turner! I think I need to track one of those down.

    1. For sure. There have been several up on Ebay.