Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A Rays Book

Y'all know my feelings on unlicensed products if you have been following my blog for awhile.  In summation, I am not a fan.  However, I am still opening to looking around at cards from Panini and Leaf from time to time.  They are capable of making some nice cards.  Not sure what it is about having logos on cards and uniforms, but it's just the way it is with me.  I think a lot of other people too.

One of my favorite unlicensed products every year is the National Treasures set.  No, I do not buy any boxes, but I do enjoy finding some really nice cards of players who fit into my collection: Cardinals, Rays, former Durham Bulls.  This year I have added a pair of cards from this product and I have to share one here this week from one of my favorite former Minor League players Steven Souza.

Here's a look at the outside of the book:

Really nice looking outside to the booklet.  I do not have too many of these in my collection, but a few of them feel like the outside part of the card was totally neglected in the design process.  I like the cover on the right with the serial number and the back cover on the left with the player bio.  I especially like that they made mention of his time in the minors.  I know it's tiny print: In summary Souza spent a long time in the minors with the Nationals.  (not included on the card) He was the International League Player of the Year before he was traded to the Rays.

Now, the inside of the card.....

I like the two different color patches on each side of the card with Souza diving across both jersey swatches.  It's so cool I can almost ignore the fact that his batting helmet doesn't have a Rays logo on it.  Add in the fact that I paid around $10 for a card numbered to 10 (Yes, it's Steven Souza) and this is a sweet card.