Saturday, October 17, 2020

2020 Blake Snell Autograph Count: 4

One year ago, I was at 21 Blake Snell autographs for the year in the middle of October.  I ended the month at 22, and ended the year at 30.  I am not going to come close to touching those numbers this year, and I am fine with having a smaller quantity this year.  

Here is my latest Snell autographed card.  

It feels like Snell has been in Allen & Ginter quite a few times over the years.  This card is the first Ginter card that I have added to my collection this year, might be the last one I buy too.  Not much interest outside of this card. The frame seems a little more ornate than in previous years.  Really busy look.  Maybe a little much with the slanted picture. 

I do like that Snell has maybe cleaned up his autograph a bit.  I know it doesn't look that much different, but it has been cleaned up a bit.  

He also separated out his first and last names.  The E on the end of Blake is a little clearer.  I guess the Snell is still the same.  Small steps, right?  

Back of the card.  

I always like the wording on the back of the Ginter autographs.  Not the standard autograph/signature disclaimer.  Sounds a little bit more old-fashioned. 


  1. I love the framed mini autos. They have such a unique look to them, and thankfully the signatures are on card, as tiny stickers would look absolutely terrible.

  2. Awesome card. So happy the Rays took down the Astros.