Tuesday, May 26, 2020

One Dozen Local Basketball Cards #1

 Here is the backstory behind these cards.

The first half dozen.  These are cards 1-6 in the 1990-1991 Skybox set.

The second half dozen.  These are cards 7-12 in the 1990-1991 Skybox set.

Here are some questions.  I know more about college basketball than the NBA, feel free to debate the answer to these questions in the space below.  I am not doing research for a basketball card post.  

Best player in this dozen:  Moses Malone.  

Without looking (pinky swear) who went to what college:
Jon Koncak - SMU 
Kenny Smith - UNC 
Doc Rivers - Marquette 
Kevin Willis - Sparty 
Dominique Wilkins - Georgia 
Spud Webb - NC State 

I do not know the rest.  After I am done typing, I am going and looking up Moses Malone.  

Best Card Front: Kevin Willis 

Best Card Back: Dominque Wilkins.  Would that be considered a turtleneck?  

Best Cameo: I don't know any of the players in the backgrounds of these cards, but there are some good ones in this set.  The Duane Ferrell card has a Pistons player on it.  I feel like I should know who that is, but I am drawing a blank as to who the forwards were on the team outside of Laimbeer and Rodman.  

Fun Fact: These Skybox cards are the worst Hawks in my collection.  



  1. Yeah this design is terrible. Can't help you with the college's but pretty sure James Edwards is the Pistons player in the Ferrell card.

    1. I am going to get the player cameos right this week. I should have figured that one out, but my mind when blank on the Pistons players while I was typing the post. Thought of five other Pistons forwards this week besides Laimbeer and Rodman.

  2. The only college I knew off the top of my head was Kenny Smith and UNC. Honestly... the only reason I know that is because I followed Tar Heel basketball during the 80's and 90's. Kinda embarrassed that I didn't know Spud's college... since I was pretty into him back in the day. As for Malone... he's one of the first players to skip college and go pro.

    1. I did not know that about Moses Malone until I went and looked him up. I honestly thought he was going to be a player who went to a small college. Seemed to be much more common back in the 1980s.

  3. Moses is definitely the best of the group, with Nique being a distant second.

    1. I am glad someone agreed with me. I thought his numbers looked better, but I also know that Wilkins played for a long time after this card was made. Honestly, I was waiting for someone to tell me that was a terrible take.