Monday, August 19, 2019

2019 Blake Snell Autograph Count: 16 & 17

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What was in my mailbox today?  What will be in my mailbox tomorrow?  You already know the answer.  It's a Blake Snell autograph.  I am making a strong push to get to 25, there are not many I am missing at this point.  They are generally low numbered cards that I am going to have to get for the right price, and probably can never manage to get them all.

On to the cards. 

There are two because they are from the same ridiculous set, but they are two different cards.  I liked these cards when they first came out a few years back.  Now, they are starting to get a little annoying.  These are both from the Topps Archives Signature Series. 

The top card is a buyback of a 2015 Bowman card that Snell signed 99 copies of, while the bottom card is a 2018 Topps card (Aqua Fresh Design) that is also numbered out of 99.  I do not mind buybacks, but it seems ridiculous to do a buyback of a card that is one year old.  Silly.  

The good news is that I have added two more Snell autographs, they were fairly inexpensive, and I am now going to go do some work for my day job.  

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  1. I can understand why player or team collectors might start getting annoyed by this product... but I do enjoy picking up "lots" of these on the cheap. I typically refuse to pay more than $5 per card... unless there are some decent names in the "lot". I just feel bad for people who bust these. Seems like it'd be really hard to pull your money's worth unless you hit one of the top tier guys.