Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Candlesticks Always Make A Nice Gift

In 2016, Topps made an insert set for their Archives product that featured baseball cards of the main characters from the movie Bull Durham.  It was not hard to assemble the complete run of base cards, which left me to work on the autographs.  Of course, the Kevin Costner, Tim Robbins, and Susan Sarandon cards are all pretty pricy, so I set my sites a little lower and focused on the Robert Wuhl cards who played pitching coach Larry Hockett.

The two best well known scenes involving Wuhl in the movie were the Lollygaggers speech:

While Trey Wilson, who plays the team's manager, is the star here, Wuhl delivers the punch line of the speech when he calls the players Lollygaggers.

Wuhl's more prominent scene from the film comes later when the team is having a conference on the mound.  There is a lot going on with the players....

I have never bought anyone any candlesticks.  Maybe the next wedding I attend, but back to the baseball cards.  

During one of my hiatuses from blogging I ended up with a red framed copy of the Wuhl card.  They were pretty outrageous when Archives was first released, so I was pretty patient while I was looking for the card. 

It was a nice add and I had walked away from this set of cards, even if my scan and crop job on this card were terrible.  Never searched for this card on Ebay, responded to posts on Facebook groups, none of it.  I had moved on and have been working on all sorts of different cards projects. 

Then one day, a copy of the card slid into my DMs. 

I am not really huge on taking on duplicate copies of cards and I sat on the idea of adding the card for awhile.  I decided.....

sure, we could use another copy of the Larry Hockett/Robert Wuhl card in the collection.  The white border on this card looks much better than the red bordered card.  The design on the card comes the 1988 Topps set, the white border makes it feel a little more authentic.  

The white copies are still serial numbered.  The red card above is numbered to 50, so roughly 100 more copies of the white bordered card, about 200 overall.  I know that's a little unusual for a base autograph out of Archives to have the serial number, these have to have longer odds than the normal autographs.  Almost wish I had waited a little longer and tried to just find this white bordered version from the get go.  Perhaps I can flip my other copy of this card around for something good.  

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