Friday, October 12, 2018

Set Project Update: 1983 Kellogg's

My original post for this set can be found here.

To summarize, I am trying to put together a few more sets that would be in the "oddball" category that are from the 1980s and 1990s.  Things like the Kellogg's and Hostess cards, maybe some of the Denny's sets too.  I started out with 9 cards, which were mainly Cardinals cards, a few players with connections to the Cardinals, like Jack Clark, and a few that are somehow connected to the Durham Bulls.

My goal is to finish in two months, it has now been over a month and I have crossed off another eight cards from my checklist.  That brings me up to 18 out of the 60 cards, or 30% of the set.  I am going to have to pick up the pace a little bit in the next month in order to finish this project in my allotted amount of time.

I am going to break these down into two groups.  The first five came from a Sports Lots seller.

I had a couple of more recent sets that had some holes in them, nothing worth posting as a project, but I always have trouble getting combined shipping on that site.  It's a cheap way to get single cards, but if you have to pay shipping to each person you buy a single card from, it makes it expensive.  

In this case, I found the four or five cards that I needed for my recent set, and also ran across these five Kellogg's card for this set project.  Love combined shipping.  

Next three.

I got these in a trade with someone off of a Facebook group.  They were not originally part of the trade, but I have been asking, while working on other trades, if people have any 1983 Kellogg's cards.   I ran into one collector.  

While I feel behind on this project, 70% more to fill the set, I actually have a bunch coming in off of COMC that I got by making offers, and a few more that I have pulled in from Ebay and another Facebook trade.  On paper, it looks possible, but it's going to be close.  

More Kellogg's early next week.   The updated checklist....

1 Rod Carew 
2 Rollie Fingers 
3 Reggie Jackson 
4 George Brett 
6 Pete Rose 
7 Fernando Valenzuela 
8 Rickey Henderson 
9 Carl Yastrzemski 
10 Rich Gossage 
11 Eddie Murray 
13 Jim Rice 
14 Robin Yount 
15 Dave Winfield 
16 Harold Baines 
17 Garry Templeton 
19 Pete Vuckovich 
23 Willie Wilson 
24 Johnny Ray 
26 Andre Thornton 
27 Leon Durham 
31 Nolan Ryan 
32 Dan Quisenberry 
33 Len Barker 
34 Neil Allen 
35 Jack Morris 
39 Jim Palmer 
40 Lance Parrish 
41 Floyd Bannister 
42 Larry Gura 
43 Britt Burns 
44 Toby Harrah 
45 Steve Carlton 
46 Greg Minton 
47 Gorman Thomas 
51 Fred Lynn 
52 Dale Murphy 
53 Kent Hrbek 
54 Bob Horner 
55 Gary Carter 
56 Carlton Fisk 
57 Dave Concepcion 
58 Mike Schmidt 
59 Bill Buckner 

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  1. Dang. Imagine standing on the mound and staring down Foster. Awesome card. Best of luck with this set.