Monday, August 8, 2016

Things I Am Sorting Part 4

A few months back I started a pair of set projects and added a new tab to the top of my blog.  I have been really good about finding cards on the list, but have yet to post an update on my progress towards completing the two projects.  I am going to do a little update on one of the sets in this post.

Over the past several months I have made a few trades, bought a few singles off of private collectors, and also made a few purchases off of Sports Lots and COMC to make progress towards completing the 1999 Skybox Molten Metal Xplosion cards.  Most of the time I have picked up a few at time to save on shipping costs and I have tried to keep the cost in trade, or dollars to less than $2 max for a card.  There were several on COMC for example that were listed above $2, I made an offer below, and if they did not except it I walked away.

Here is one lot of cards that I picked up two weeks ago:

Three pretty fair players.  I paid $4.00 for the lot, and since the cards are metal, the seller sent them in a plain white envelope.  Not much worry with these cards bending or having the corners dinged going through the mail.

Here is what the stack of cards I have picked up over the last two months looks like compared to the cards that I started the project with....

The stack I started with has Edgar Renteria on the top, new cards have Larry Walker on the top.  Looking at the checklist of cards I needed I was at 55% completion at the beginning of the project.  In all, I have added a total of 56 cards to the set and jumped the completion rate all the way up to 92%.  Just 12 more cards to add to finish this one up.

Here's what it looks like all sorted out.....

I feel like I should place them on a scale and see how much they weigh at the end of the project.  The stack looks nice, but the weight of a complete set of metal cards is pretty cool.  My projects page is updated and I will do a post on the Archives set progress soon.

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  1. I guess you can forget about displaying these in 9-pocket pages ;)