Saturday, August 13, 2016

National Baseball Card Day

I am not sure when National Baseball Card Day got started, but I had to look back a little while ago to see if I had ever posted or mentioned this day before.  I had not.  I did flip through my cards and found that I had a bunch of cards from National Trading Card Day back in 2004.  I am going to have to make a post out of those cards someday soon.

In the meantime, I decided that it would be cool to share out my first card and most recent card to celebrate National Baseball Card Day.  I have now been collecting for 33 years and have two to three hundred thousand cards.  Hard to narrow it down.

My first card....

I think I have posted pictures of this card before on this blog.  I am not quite sure of all the details on the card other than I pulled the card out of a pack of 1983 Fleer cards sometime during the fall of 1983 after my father bought me a pack of baseball cards from a convenience store in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  I didn't live there long, but I managed to pick up some packs of 1983 Fleer and Topps cards while I was there along with some old singles from the early 1980s and late 1970s from a Flea Market my brother used to get cards from on Sundays.  

I have a few boxes of cool rookie cards in my baseball card room.  It's filled with all of my iconic rookie cards.  This Jim Smith card sits right in front of my Ozzie Smith rookie card.  Jim Smith is easily the worst player in the box, but I love this card.  I even love the fact that it is crinkled and has all sorts of creases.  

My latest card...

After receiving a copy of Aledmys Diaz's Throwback Thursday rookie card in less than mint condition, I have made the decision to avoid buying directly from them for awhile.  Not going to rehash the entire incident, but lets just say that Topps Customer Service agents don't seem to really care about whether they piss off customers or not.

The incident recently forced me to find a different spot to buy a copy of a Topps Now card of the Cardinals rookie shortstop.  Sometimes different is better.  Branching out away from buying directly from Topps helped me find a seller with Topps Now cards on Ebay who is selling for less than the cards go for on their website.  At least, if you are buying single cards like I am.

This Topps Now card celebrates a walk off single Aledmys had against the Padres a few weeks back...

Definitely the route to go from now on with the Topps Now cards, or anything else that Topps sells on their website.  

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