Monday, August 15, 2016

Calm Carlos

I have been a pretty big fan of Carlos Rodon since he first stepped foot on campus at NC State.  The all everything starting pitcher had spectacular college career which included a trip to college World Series.  Back then Rodon had a bunch of cards in the Panini USA Baseball sets and collectors went crazy for them.  I dabbled here and there, I do love my Wolfpack, but it's hard to shell out big dollars for a player in college.  

Cue Music....


In case you forgot what happened to Carlos after college....

Rodon was drafted by the White Sox in 2014 with the third overall pick.  He breezed through the minors and debuted with the ChiSox in 2015.  He's been a decent pitcher during his first two seasons in the Majors, but I am not sure that he has been as good as most collectors and fans had hoped he would be when he reached whatever stadium the White Sox play in now (insert corporate name).  

I still have high hopes for Rodon.  He's just 23 years old and has been out of college such a short time, I am hoping their is a little higher ceiling in his left arm.  In the meantime, the slow career start has made the chore of finding Carlos Rodon cards a little easier and a lot cheaper.  

Carlos has become calm.  

Collectors have cooled on him.  Honestly, I feel like I had sort of let him slip off of my radar this year, but I think this card is a pretty sweet find for my first autograph of the NC State alum....

Tier One is always a good looking set and it's an on card autograph.  Kind of cool that it's 149/149, even though I do not do the whole Ebay one of one thing.  I have another Rodon autograph on the way that I just traded for and will post in awhile.  In the meantime, let's hope Carlos picks it up on the mound.   

If you're a White Sox fan, I'd be on the lookout for the White Sox to important the Braveheart guy from NC State for a little extra motivation and pep.  

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  1. "whatever stadium the White Sox play in now (insert corporate name)"

    We still call it by it's rightful name: Comiskey. F*** the cellular company who's name is on it. You cannot start service in the area from the company because they left the market 4 years ago.

    BTW - nice card. I have been watching some of the Tribute cards of his this year. Seem to be way under valued so a good time to snag some up.