Thursday, April 21, 2016

Things I Am Sorting....Part 1

Again, I have been back a week and in case you have not been following along, I am spending more time working on the cards that are already here in my collection.  In my quest to reorganize my cards from team boxes into sets, I figured it might be cool to share some of the cards that I am sorting out.  Always fun to look back at what you picked up out of a wax box, or from your local card shop, long ago.

While I said there was less focus on new things not coming in immediately, I am going to set that aside for tonight's post.  Today, I am going share a few things that have recently been added to my collection, but they are still here inside of my house taking up space and time.

So, let's start with the easy stuff.  I have spent some time this week straighten out my autographs.  I added a few new autographs from some of the early Topps releases and never filed them away into my boxes.  Some of them I pulled myself out of boxes, but I have been trying to fill in holes by trading and buying too.  I have actually only worked on Topps Series 1, Heritage, and Gypsy Queen.  Still, there have been other products released by Topps and Panini recently.  Not bothering with packs.  Here are two Cardinal additions:

The Carpenter card is from Topps Museum Collection.  Museum has been around for a few years and is always loaded with sticker autographs.  There are some Cardinals and Rays in this product, but stickers...... I found this Matt Carpenter autograph on Twitter on a picture posted by Brent and Becca.  They are case breakers in Arkansas, fun to follow when new cards come out, and sometimes you pick off cards before they list them on Ebay.  That's how Matt Carpenter ended up in my collection.

I also picked up an Ozzie Smith autograph from Legacies.  Nice card, nice signature.  It's Ozzie.  There are other autographs too, but I am not posting all of them.  Check out my Instagram for more of these types of cards and a picture of a street named Cypress Hill that I drove down last week.  Sorry, no B Real or Sen Dog.

On to the real challenge.  I have been spending a lot of time the past few weeks working on some early and mid 1980s sets.  Next week I am hoping to spend time working on some 1986 and 1987 sets, but this week I am skipping the eighties to work on this year's Gypsy Queen cards.  They came out a few weeks ago......

The design is alright this year.  Not sure about the red letters on the bottom of the card.  I am saying that and I love the color red.  The trim is kind of an orange color, which looks nice with the tanish/brownish card color, but then the red is just too much.  I am in really good shape with the base set and have a good start on the minis.  The other cool thing that I found while sorting out my Gypsy Queen cards was a variation of Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant.

Pretty cool pull.  I am not sure what the odds are exactly on pulling the full sized variation card, but I am pretty happy to land the card.  Enough with new cards, next week I am going to post some nice 1980s cards.

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