Sunday, September 20, 2015

Franklin Was A Shortstop And A Good Shortstop Too

One of the people I talk baseball with has been really big on Franklin Barreto the last few years.  I believe our conversation started a few years ago while he was playing in the Blue Jays farm system.  Barreto was playing in the Appalachian League and was barely scrapping together a season above the Mendoza line, but he was really young at the time and had some obvious tools.  I was shocked to see him involved in the Josh Donaldson trade this offseason as one of the primary pieces go back to the A's.  Naturally I decided to spend a little bit of time following him this season and I was pretty impressed.

Barreto spent the year playing in the California League where he posted a .302/.333/.500 line with 13 home runs and 22 doubles in just 90 games.  Pretty nice line for a 19 year old shortstop who was rated as a pre-season Top 100 prospect by Baseball America,, and Baseball Prospectus.  So what cards are out there of Franklin Barreto?

He has two certified autographs at the moment.  If you really like Barreto he has an autograph in the 2014 Bowman Chrome set which has been selling pretty well.  I have seen several copies approaching $20 with some of the lower numbered print runs pushing well past that mark.  However, if you just simply want to own a copy of his autograph, just for the sake of have an autograph of a potentially nice player, than look no further than the Bowman Inception autograph pictured above.

I found my copy for less than $5 and there are currently other copies of this same card sitting on Ebay and COMC at the same price point.  In fact, there are copies of this card's gold parallel, out of 50 print runs, for less than $10.  Interesting to see how long this card continues to fly under the radar....

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