Sunday, November 17, 2013

and for no reason, here's Jason Kipnis....

I am usually all over the Triple Threads release and am quick to pick up cards of all my favorites.  Last year the product seemed to get a little bit repetitive.  For example, I rushed out to find a Matt Kemp card and found that the majority of his cards had the "Bison" nickname spelled out in jersey pieces.  Kemp does have a cool nickname, but Topps has issued that same card at least four years in row.  There are only so many "Bison" cards I can have in my collection, as cool of a player as Matt Kemp is.

I searched my favorite two target teams too and found the same problems with the Cards and Rays Triple Threads cards with the exception of Matt Holliday.  Longoria is still Longo or Long Beach, David Freese is still Mr Freese or the 2011 WSMVP, and David Price is still the first pick in the 2007 draft.  All of these cards have been made multiple times.

Further, the same problems with player selection, in regards to the autograph checklist, still plague the Triple Threads set.  The Cardinals have Jon Jay, Matt Holliday (exchange), Matt Adams, Trevor Rosenthal (with weird green jersey pieces), Shelby Miller, Lance Lynn, and Carlos Beltran (relics only).  The Rays have Wil Myers, Chris Archer, Longoria, Alex Cobb, Odorizzi, Matt Moore, and Zobrist and Jennings as relic only cards.  Where's the variety?

Why not throw in a Tim Beckham on the Rays or maybe another prospect besides Odorizzi.  Enny Romero?  Pretty good choice right there.  Topps could have added Wacha, Joe Kelly, or for a prospect, Kolten Wong to it's Cardinals checklist.  The Cardinals could also have a deeper checklist if Topps got Ozzie Smith or Red Scheondienst to sign a few cards.  While the Rays are a newer franchise I am sure Topps could make a cool Fred McGriff Triple Threads card.

So, after searching long and hard and debating about where to put my Triple Threads money I made this decision: I will buy a few choice Triple Threads cards and target some of the Matt Holliday cards with different sayings on them to add to my collection.  The rest of my money and trade bait cards will roll over towards another project.  So, without further adieu here's my first Triple Threads card of 2013.

2013 Topps Triple Threads Jason Kipnis Autograph 

While this card is one of the more common Triple Threads cards, it is a great looking card.  I actually do not own a Jason Kipnis autograph at the moment and have always thought pretty highly of him.  If memory serves correctly he was on a completely loaded Arizona State team, but somehow slid past a bunch of his teammates to the Indians in the second round of the draft.  The Sun Devils draftees that year included Jordan Swagerty, Mike Leake, and Seth Blair.  The year before the Sun Devils also had Ike Davis and Brett "The Walrus" Wallace.

Kipnis has become the best of the bunch and is one of the better offensive middle infielders in the American League.  He's not Robinson Cano or anything, but he posted an OPS+ of 133 and a WAR of almost 6 last season.  This autograph cost me less than $10.  A solid investment considering the potential Kipnis has shown during his two plus seasons in the Majors.  More Triple Threads later this week.

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  1. I agree with the lack of depth the Cardinals have (both on their bench and in Triple Threads).
    There is an Ozzie TTT auto in my collection, but it's from a few years ago and he doesn't seem to be in anything these days but Panini Cooperstown.
    To me, this goes back to Topps not really having any competition in the baseball market. Especially for high-end products.

    On a side note: Panini used some green jerseys in their National Treasures baseball release. I can only imagine that they're from the "St. Patrick's Day" jerseys that get used in Spring Training. I'd rather see that in Topps S1, not a high-end set. Unless they're gonna put a patch with it.