Tuesday, January 9, 2018

A Post About Cats

I am really not a cat person.  I had pets as a kid, but they were all dogs.  I could handle having a dog as a pet now, but my wife does not do well with pet fur, or dander, so we currently have a pet fish for my seven year old.

This is Ben.  He's a Beta.

So much easier to care for than a cat, or a dog.  

Unfortunately, I still have to deal with cats on a nearly daily basis at work.  You may say, if you are a long time reader, don't you work at a school as a teacher?  How are there cats at a school?  Great question.  I would be happy to answer.  

This is the view from my window of my classroom.  There are at least three cats in this picture.  One is on top of the trash can and two are next to the trash can.  The picture is also a year old, so I can tell you that there are actually more cats that hang out at this picnic shelter.  I do not have any recent pictures though, I shut my blinds when the cats are outside this year.

Last year's class didn't care about the cats.  This year's class cares a lot about the cats.

The school I work at is in the middle of a subdivision on one side.  Pretty cool for the kids who live there and they can just walk down the street and be at school.  The other side of the school has a bunch of random houses.  One of them is a wiener dog breeder.  Another one of the houses has a ton of pets, including outdoor cats that come over to the school during the day.

Regrettably, a co-worker last year decided that feeding the cats would be a good idea.  Now, it seems like we are stuck with the cats.

There is only one kind of cat that I really like.  Not really a cat, just a basketball player who has the nickname "Cat", but he uses it in place of his real first name.  He has basketball cards, which say Anthony Barber, but that's just not right.

He just signs Cat.

This is my newest Cat Barber card.  I have posted two other cards on here over the past few months.  I am slowly building up a small collection of his cards as the slowly get cheaper.  I was never quite sure why they were sort of expensive, $20 or so, in the first place.  The last time I checked Cat was prowling the floor over in Italy for Brindisi.  It's on the heel of the boot.  

He has been out of school for two years, but was a very talented point guard for three years at NC State.  Very quick player, very fast.  He is from the Hampton/Tidewater area of Virginia and spent most of his college career getting compared to Allen Iverson.  

So, a quick review.......


Scratches stuff, smells funny, pees in a box.  Not a good pet, or good to have roaming around work.   


Shifty, elusive, and very quick.  Good basketball player.

Stray Cats.

I like this song, even if it's about the smelly cats.  

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  1. Love dogs... but I'm not responsible enough, nor do I have enough free time to properly care for one. I'm allergic to cats, so even though some are cute... I avoid them as much as possible. I'm cool with fish. Had them for a few years, but got tired of cleaning the tank every month. Also had a smorgasbord of classroom pets (guinea pigs, hamsters, and a bearded dragon), but like the fish... I got tired of the cleaning and ended up giving them away to families. In short... I stick to enjoying everyone else's pets.