Friday, August 4, 2017

Biscuits and Biscuits

Working on finding my favorite Durham Bulls players every summer inevitably leads to me having to buy or trade for a few Montgomery Biscuits baseball cards.  The Bulls, being the Triple A team of the Rays, and the Montgomery Biscuits playing in the Double A Southern League, I'm sure that most of the players like getting to make that move.  As a card collector,  I really don't mind anything having to do with the Biscuits.  It's easily one of the coolest logos in all of Minor League baseball.

Better than the Baby Cakes or Railriders or whatever other goofy names have popped up in the Minors over the last few summers.  I have never actually been to Montgomery, so I am not exactly sure why the team is named the Biscuits.  As a Midwest transplant living in a Southern state, or is North Carolina a mid-Atlantic, I can attest to the fact that Southerns love eating biscuits.  Non-southerners like them too.  

We've got places like.....

They've got okra on their menu.  That's only cool in the south.  More well known.......

Bojangles.  A must stop for biscuits and Bojangles also in a Raekwon song.  

Back to baseball cards.  

So, over the year's I have dabbled in the world of Biscuits cards.  They have less butter than a Biscuitville biscuit and less blueberries than a BoBerry Biscuit, but they are nice all the same.  All of my Biscuits cards feature that cool logo along with a player who almost certainly appeared for the Durham Bulls.  My all-time favorite Biscuits/Durham Bulls cards is a Hak Ju Lee logo card from the 2013 Pro Debut card....

There have been others along the way too, including one that came out earlier this summer in the latest Pro Debut release.  The player on the card is even on the Durham Bulls this year.  Here's the latest Biscuits card featuring Durham Bulls infielder Willy Adames.  

I really like Adames as a player, he's fun to watch, and I was excited that this card was on the checklist this year.  However, I wish the Biscuits logo were a little but clearer.  The past two years Topps has used the pennant shape on these logo cards in Pro Debut.  The problem, in my eyes, is that it shrinks down the size of the logo, blurs what is there, and minimizes the minor league aspect on the card.


  1. i love these minor league logo latch cards. you make me miss fried okra. it's hard to find up here in the Big Mitt.

    1. I hadn't really seen okra until I moved to North Carolina, don't think it is around many places north of the Mason-Dixon line.

  2. Drove past a Biscuitville on our way down to Wilmington this weekend - I must admit, that caught my northern eye. I might have to try it out.

    Also, gotta love minor league team names!

  3. I think my favorite thing about Topps Pro Debut are the mascot patches and the team logo patches.

  4. Adames is probably one of the toughest autographs of any recent Bull. I have been trying to get him to sign that card for a month or more. It is not that he will not sign that particular card, it is just that he always says "after I stretch" but then he never returns. He is always one of the last players out of the stadium postgame. Sometimes it is after midnight before he departs and then he will not sign then either. Ugh!