Wednesday, August 16, 2017

A Fine Player From The Bull City

Most of my college basketball cards are NC State players, but I picked up an autograph of a local legend this past weekend.  I am not sure quite where John Lucas would rate as a high school player statewide in North Carolina against the likes of Michael Jordan and David Thompson, but I would guess he's got to be pretty high up there.

Lucas starred at Hillside High School in Durham and his jersey is retired there along with former Wake Forest star Rodney Rogers.

Thanks to the internet for the picture.  What in the world is on the display case?  Sigh.  High school kids.  Lucas went on to star at Maryland in college and made the All-American team three teams, first team his junior and senior years, second team during his sophomore year.  His great college career earned him a spot in one of Fleer's Greats sets which featured college basketball players.

Here is the Lucas card featuring the Bull City native in his Terps uniform.

One interesting thing I learned about Lucas while doing a little research for this post is that he was actually the ACC Men's Singles Tennis Champion twice during his college career and made an All-American team along the way too.  He even played a little professional tennis in his spare time on top of his NBA career.  

Lucas had a fourteen year NBA career and has also spent time coaching.  He averaged 10 points per game for his career.  Not really a huge NBA guy, which is why I chose to get a copy of Lucas in his NBA jersey.  Really I would have loved to have found a card of Lucas wearing a Hillside High School jersey, but apparently there is no such card.  Maryland it is.


  1. That greats of the game set is one of my favorites. Opened a box back when it came out and opened a Rick Pitino auto, but the base set is great enough on its own.

    1. Agree. Great design, simplicity works really well sometimes.

  2. Greats of the Game has to be one of the greatest autographed product lines that spanned all 4 major sports. Amazing looking cards. Didn't know much about Lucas... although I did recognize the name. Thanks for the history lesson.