Sunday, October 23, 2016

You Didn't Even Leave The Bench

I like the idea of the stickers on the Strata cards which make the jersey swatch on the cards have a specific game attached them.  The whole game used relic thing has gotten a bit stale in the past few years and there have also been some serious doubts raised along the way about how "game worn" some of these items that are swatched and put onto baseball cards truly are.  

Strata puts that all to rest with the stickers.  Here is my first Strata card of the year......

I saw this card on the cheap, and since Keuchel won the Cy Young Award last year, decided to go for it.  I know it does not really fit into my collection anyway or anyhow.  Still nice to pick up a cheap card of a player who has won a Major Award.  More specifically I was sort of hoping that perhaps that jersey swatch/patch would be tied to some cool game from last year.  20th win or a playoff game, something.  

Here's what I saw when I plugged in the sticker number......

I went ahead and went to the box score section on Baseball-Reference to check out what happened in the July 25th game between the Astros and Royals.  I can tell you that the game went 10 innings and was won by the Royals on an Alcides Escobar walk off single.  

Unfortunately, the game was start by Scott Feldman, not Dallas Keuchel.  Meaning that the jersey/patch piece on the front of this Strata card probably just hung out on the bench in Kaufmann Stadium for a few hours one night in July before it made its long journey onto the front of this baseball card.  

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