Monday, September 2, 2013

Two (Too) Many Ginters

I did a whole series of posts the last two weeks on all of the Ginter cards including the non-sport Ginters.  My main focus is always the baseball cards, but chasing down some of the non-sport cards inserted into baseball cards can fun sometimes too.  My recent pull of a Henry Rollins autograph out of a pack of Ginter has to rank as my greatest non-sport autograph ripped out of a pack.  Little did I count on running into a second copy a few weeks later.  No packs this time.  

2013 Topps Allen & Ginter Henry Rollins Autograph 

As a collector, there are times when you come across a person who is willing to sell, or trade, a card out of the sheer fact that they do not like the player, team, or in this case, person depicted on the card.  I have talked about this in several posts, but am always amazed when I run across these collectors.  They might sound like this (using Jim Edmonds as an example): 

"I was opening a box of cards and my autograph was Jim Edmonds.  I really cannot stand him and his half t-shirt warmups he wears during batting practice.  This card is going up on Ebay or I am going to trade it as soon as a get a decent offer"  

Leverage gone.  Price down.  Have a good time paying your Ebay fees my friend.  So, this Rollins card came from a local source who pulled it and immediately started complaining about how terrible all of the Rollins spoken word albums are and how his music went down hill after the mid 90s.  Replace with half t-shirt in the rant above with his Weight album and throw in something about the Grammy's, Bibles, and you get the picture...  I was happy to swoop in with a few local ACC baseball products, and a Seth Maness, to pull off my second Rollins card from this year's Ginter set.  

I believe that this card is going to be stashed away for a raining day, but will cash it in for some really nice Cardinals or Rays card.  Perhaps Topps will get a Cardinals player not named Allen Craig, Jon Jay, Matt Adams, or Shelby Miller to sign for one of their later releases.  

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